Euro 2020 Quarter Final 1 – Spain v Switzerland

Now it starts to get serious. Three wins away from becoming European champions.

Both these nations needed extra time to go through, with Switzerland also needing penalties to defeat favourites France.

The match takes place in St Petersburg.



Many Basques do not consider themselves as Spanish. The language & culture are certainly much removed from most of the rest of the nation.

As I was growing up I remember the Basque Separatist Movement called ETA who were infamous for terrorist activities.

Today Bilbao makes for a splendid short break destination. A wonderful old town that is reached by a very pleasant stroll along the banks of the River Nervión.

Even if you do not like modern art you will be impressed by the architecture of the Guggenheim Museum that sits by the river and glistens in the sunshine.

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao
Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

We went to a football match when we visited – a Basque derby between Althletic Bilbao & Osasuna. We also gorged on delicious Rioja and pintxos (delicious snacks that come free with every drink) and visited the splendid nearby town of Vitoria.



I have been to Geneva on many occasions, bizarrely often on a business trip to see one of my cruise company customers.

The lake is very striking but I do not think I would rush back, as pretty as the surroundings are.

The last occasion I went was over a decade ago when we used the city as a springboard for train trips to Lausanne, Basle, Interlaken & Grindelwald.

I always describe Switzerland as God’s train set. Watch an absolutely stunning country that really is best viewed from a moving train.

Swiss Train

Score prediction – Spain 2 Switzerland 1

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  1. I really must go to Bilbao.

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