The clever social media gurus from Spotted by Locals spotted my tweet requesting off the tourist trail things to do for my quickfire trip to Ljubljana and suggested I download their guide to the city.  The guide is written by residents giving their unique guide on where to go to meet locals rather than tourists.  […]

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For my Letter M, I chose Maribor in the then Yugoslavia in the late ’80s, which is now part of Slovenia. I told the story of how we were refused entry and escorted back under armed-guard across the border into Austria. Could can read that account here. Spielfeldstraße was the…

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To set the scene, I was on my first inter-rail trip in 1987 aged twenty-two with my mate Poll. Three days into the trip, Poll had lost his passport near Munich and had to be issued an emergency one by the British Consulate, designed to get us home by…


Once in a long while something happens on your commute that makes you smile.  A talented busker, an entertaining Big Issue seller or simply somebody giving up their seat for a person who appreciates the gesture.  This morning as I arrived for my train to Peterboroug, a charming young man approached me with a loaded […]

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I have got the following photo from Wilbur with the following story: “I have just got back from a trip to Cuba with my wife and regular travel buddy (and our best man) Hamish. I took this picture of them on the Malecon ocean road in central Havana on…


On our last day in Havana, Mrs Wilbur, our new friend Guy and myself decided that we would buy Panama hats as a final souvenir of our wonderful trip to Cuba. Mrs Wilbur spotted a nice looking hat shop in the Old Town, so in we popped. The shop owner called Paco was a very good […]


Everybody in Cuba proudly knows the story of how lawyer turned general Fidel Castro swept to power in 1959 following the revolution that ousted the corrupt dictator and U.S. ally President Batista. The revolution’s success was pronounced during a two-hour long speech by the new leader from the balcony of a municipal building in Santiago […]


There are always winners and losers in any struggle for power. The very different scenes in Havana and Miami at the news of Fidel’s death in November are perfect testament to this – an outpouring of grief and gratitude in Cuba, unbridled joy in Florida. I have read many accounts of the revolution and the […]


You may not know it but Cuba used to be one of the most prosperous nations on earth. The prosperity of the nation was transformed in the 1790s when sugar traders fled the slave rebellion in Hispaniola (modern day Haiti and Dominican Republic) for their much bigger neighbours. They found conditions in Cuba perfect for […]


Before I visited Cuba I had of course heard of Che Guevara. Now I feel I know him. Che was born in Rosario in 1928, Argentinian but part Irish through his paternal grandparents. All his life he struggled with asthma, but this did not stop him loving and playing rugby and qualifying as a doctor. Ernesto […]