My Travel Bucket List

List Compiled November 2014 – Highlighted In Bold Once Achieved


To see a volcano erupting anywhere (from a safe distance!)


To see the Northern Lights – one failure so far!

Train journey from Faro to Ho Chi Minh City – 17,000 KM

Visit Iran

Visit Tibet

Visit Libya and see Leptis Magna

Ride the Trans-Siberian train from Moscow to Ulan Bator

Ride the Shinkansen in Japan and visit Kyoto

Visit the Forbidden City, Xian Warriors etc in China

Tour Malaysia

Visit Angkor Wat – October 2015

See more of India

Visit Argentina

Visit Chile

Visit Namibia

Ride the Burmese Railway and visit Burma (Myanmar)

Tour Central America

Visit Costa Rica

See Lemurs in Madagascar

See Orang-utans in Borneo or Sumatra

See Birds of Paradise in New Guinea or Australia

See a Kingfisher in natural habital


Take in as many of the Blue Brothers landmarks in Chicago as possible

Take the Orient Express to Venice

Take the train from Perth to Adelaide

Visit Sydney & Melbourne

Tour New Zealand

Visit Cuba – January 2017

Do a trip taking in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Oman

Visit Rio for Carnival

Safari in Tanzania

Visit the Philippines

Visit Las Vegas

Visit Iceland – January 2015

Visit Montreal

Ride Via Rail in Canada

Visit San Francisco

Visit St Petersburg

Complete Europe (Iceland (Jan 15), Latvia (Feb 16), Slovakia (Feb 16), Liechtenstein, Andorra, Malta to go)

The journey from Trondheim to Narvik for the third time – January 2018

Go to the Milan football derby – April 2015

See a performance at La Scala, Milan – April 2015

Go to ‘El Classico’ football match Real Madrid v Barcelona


  1. Interesting list… I’ve done a few of these areas on your list including the Ulan Bator to Moscow run and the Shinkanson from Tokyo to Kyoto.

    When I left Hanoi on the train to Beijing, I shared a cabin with an Australian who was taking the train to some music festival in Germany and then on to Portugal. Instead of taking the Trans-Mongolian, he got off several hours before Beijing and was heading west through China and the “-stans” I would love to have heard about his experiences.

  2. Wish you to complete that impressive list! Happy travel!

  3. Oh no, why did you tell me about the train journey from Porto to Ho Chi Minh City?! Now that is going to be stuck in my head as a travel wish until I can come up with the time to do it! As it is with all travelers, I’ve been to a number of your bucket list destinations and recommend them highly, and likewise have quite a few of the places you’ve already been on my own list! Happy travels in 2016!

    1. A traveller’s wanderlust can never be satisfied and reading blogs is dangerous stuff!

  4. That’s a long Bucket List, I should write one. I did the train journey from Melbourne to Perth a long time ago, it was amazing.

    1. Not jealous at all!

  5. Fun list! A few are even on my own list 🙂

  6. Great list Wilbur! This is inspiring! 🙂

    1. My first ever train trip abroad went past Rotterdam (Hoek to Amsterdam), though I have never been there. Is Rotterdam nice?

      1. 🙂 I might be biased since I live and really like Rotterdam 😀 😀 Yes, Rotterdam is a nice city and a different city compare to Amsterdam. I have written several posts about Rotterdam in my blog if you wish to visit Rotterdam someday 🙂
        Summer is usually quite busy in Rotterdam – many festivals and street parties..

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