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European Train Tour #1 – Spain

Europe is a wonderful continent. Culturally & geographically diverse and incredibly easy to navigate from the Arctic to the Mediterranean or even the Atlantic to the Pacific. The best way to explore the region is by train with a vast network of train tracks criss-crossing the continent, connecting amazing cities and countries. Arm yourself with […]

North West Italy & San Marino Tour – Part One, Bologna

San Marino happened to be the only country in Europe that I had yet to visit and stay overnight in, so a mission to put that right was essential. When Depeche Mode announced their world tour dates would include an appearance at Milan’s San Siro Stadium in mid-July the plan was hatched – a train […]

Huayna Picchu, Machu Picchu, Peru

My Iconic Travel Moments – Part One, Up Until 2010

My number one travel experience is a very personal one, which involves a site that had almost mythical status during my childhood. You see, on June 8th 1957 my parents were married at St George’s Church, Tanglin, Singapore. I was brought up on tales of how they met in the army, got engaged on Christmas […]

The Countries of Europe

By my reckoning there are 48 countries in Europe. I include Kosovo as independent, as well as the Caucasus countries of Armenia, Georgia & Azerbaijan. Excluding my home country of UK, I have now travelled to the other 47 with my arrival into San Marino. From France in 1979 on a school exchange trip to […]

Diving From The Bridge, Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovena

The Volatile History Of The Balkan Peninsular

The Balkans region is a wonderful place to visit, being so full of history and contrasts. You can read about my travels there in my book available on Amazon. A brief history of the region appears in the book and is also shown below, giving you a flavour as to why this is such a […]

A Brisk Basque Visit Part Two – San Sebastián

Our apartment was easy to find and entry was keyless by app. Even lock boxes have become redundant it seems. We picked up some supplies in a local shop and just stayed in after a long day. San Sebastián is on the notorious Bay of Biscay but has some very pleasant beaches as well as […]

A Brisk Basque Visit – Part One, Bilbao

When our favourite footballer moved to play in San Sebastián we hatched a plot to go and see him play. David Silva is the footballer in question and as he is now 37 the time was right, so we booked tickets to their end of season game against Sevilla. There was however to be two […]

Unirii Square, Timișoara, Romania

Monday Morning Blues, Timisoara in Romania

This picture of Unirii Square in Timisoara was taken 5-years ago. I would thoroughly recommend a visit.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia, Bulgaria

Monday Morning Blues – The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia in Bulgaria

The cathedral looks magnificent on the outside but rather plain inside. Still for me the highlight of the Bulgarian capital.

The Registan, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Monday Morning Blues – 2022 In Pictures

Every Monday a few of us get together on Twitter to post a travel related photo featuring the colour blue as a way of beating those Monday morning blues. The idea is that the photos have us remembering fantastic past trips and dreaming of future ones. Great for extinguishing those blues. Here are a selection […]