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Dead Woman's Pass, Inca Trail, Peru

My Favourite Travel Photos – 1 to 5

I am completing my favourite travel photos with my famous five, the quintet that I (currently) love the most. Hotel Baron, Aleppo, Syria This photo signifies so much. Hamish and I travelled to Syria overland from Istanbul by train, bus and taxi in May 2009. This was actually the third time of trying to get […]

Camaguey, Cuba

Monday Morning Blues – Camaguey, Cuba

Todays’ Monday Morning Blues photo comes from my 2017 trip to Cuba. Why not join the MMB tribe over on Twitter @wilburstravels. Just post a picture featuring the colour blue from your travel archive, all with the aim of providing a cheery start to the week.

The Caribbean, Santiago de Cuba

Sunday Sunsets – Santiago de Cuba

On the first Sunday of every month I have joined a few bloggers and twitterers in posting a sunset photo from my archives. This week it comes from Cuba’s second city, Santiago that I visited in 2017.

Sunday Photo – Cool Dude, Havana, Cuba

Old Havana, Cuba

Old Havana is sandwiched between the iconic Caribbean waterfront promenade known as the Malecon and the district of Vedado, the hip area containing boutique hotels & trendy restaurants. The Malecon Old Havana is the true grit of the city. This is where several families cram into crumbling old mansions that once housed the the rich […]

Havana, Cuba

Friday Photo – Three Generations, Old Havana, Cuba

I took this snap in the Old Havana District of Cuba’s capital. This is the real Havana where people live crammed into ancient buildings, many of which are in bad disrepair. The overwhelming impression however is that people are happy with their lot and just get on with living their lives as socially as possible.

The Malecon, Havana, Cuba

A-Z April Challenge (Cities Visited) – H is for Havana

Havana is in my top five favorite cities ever visited. I went in January 2017 for four days with Mrs Wilbur and my regular travel buddy Hamish. Here is why I loved it so much. Havana, Cuba – Population 2.2 Million Havana is like all the best Spanish cities moulded into one – the edgy […]

Old Town, Havana, Cuba

Wordless Wednesday – Fruit Stall, Havana, Cuba

Camaguey, Cuba

Monday Morning Blues – Camaguey, Cuba

I took this photo in January 2017. Notice the pelican stood on the jetty.

Monday Morning Blues – Cuban Tree

I took this photo in January 2017 whilst on a bus trip from Santiago to Baracoa. Any ideas what tree it is?