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Camaguey, Cuba

Monday Morning Blues – Spot the Birdie, Cuba

I took this shot in 2017 in Cienfuegos in Cuba. Look closely and you will see a pelican, a common sight on the Caribbean’s largest island.

Santiago de Cuba Cathedral

Monday Morning Blues – Santiago de Cuba Cathedral

I visited Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción to give the official name in January 2017 on a superb visit to the Caribbean’s largest island. Every Monday I post a blue themed picture to help beat those Monday morning blues. Join us on Twitter @wilburstravels

Monday Morning Blues – Cuban Revolutionaries, Santa Clara, Cuba

The picture shows a giant statue of Che Guevara at his mausoleum in Santa Clara and a billboard showing Fidel Castro and part of Guevara’s well known saying “¡Hasta la victoria siempre!” (“Until victory, always!”).

A-Z April Challenge – F is for Fidel Castro’s Tomb in Cuba

Fidel Castro Everybody in Cuba proudly knows the story of how lawyer turned general Fidel Castro swept to power in 1959 following the revolution that ousted the corrupt dictator and U.S. ally President Batista. The revolution’s success was pronounced during a two-hour long speech by the new leader from the balcony of a municipal building […]

International Women’s Day – A Celebration Of Women In Pictures

Women of Laos

Malecon, Havana, Cuba

Monday Morning Blues

This week’s Monday morning blues comes from my 2017 trip to Cuba. The waterfront stretch of Caribbean in Havana is known as the Malecon. The 8km long road is a perfect location for a drive in a classic American car, to Cuba what the gondola is to Venice (about $70 and very touristy!). Join us […]

Cigar Production In Cuba

Cigars in Cuba What is the first thing you think about when somebody mentions Cuba? I wager that cigars will feature top of many people’s list. When Christopher Columbus reached Cuba in 1492 , he discovered the locals “drinking smoke” from an early version of a cigar. It was very much a local production for local […]

Monday Morning Blues – Dancer With Attitude in Santiago de Cuba

Happy January 2017 memories for me for this week’s Monday Morning Blues. We visited the Carnival Museum in Cuba’s second city and were treated to a fabulous music & dance jamboree. This lady was a fabulous dancer whose expressions told a thousand stories. Why not join in the Monday morning fun over on Twitter? See […]

Monday Morning Blues – Classic American Car, Havana, Cuba

Che Guevara Statue, Santa Clara, Cuba

Friday Photo – Che Guevara Monument, Santa Clara, Cuba

I visited Che’s monument in 2017. Santa Clara was where Che masterminded a defining victory in the Cuban Revolution against the corrupt leadership. He and a small band of comrades managed to blow up a train carry munitions down south to Santiago where the revolutionaries were based. If the train had arrived, the government forces […]