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Train Arriving Skopje

Sunday Photo – The Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba, Spain

According to a traditional account, a small Visigoth church, stood on the site. In 784 Abd al-Rahman I ordered construction of the Great Mosque, which was considerably expanded by later Muslim rulers. Córdoba returned to Christian rule in 1236 during the Reconquista and the building was converted to a Catholic church. Much of the original design happily remains, […]

European Train Tour #1 – Spain

Europe is a wonderful continent. Culturally & geographically diverse and incredibly easy to navigate from the Arctic to the Mediterranean or even the Atlantic to the Pacific. The best way to explore the region is by train with a vast network of train tracks criss-crossing the continent, connecting amazing cities and countries. Arm yourself with […]

Sunday Photo 35

Apart from the Alcazar, the other must see is the huge and mightily impressive Mezquita. The Moorish mosque has unmistakable arches as well as a wonderful carved ceiling and ornate mihrab. It also now houses a Catholic cathedral within its midst – sacrilege to many and certainly out of place by my reckoning.    

Friday Photo 34

Today’s photo comes from Cordoba in Spain. The small city is a beautiful place to visit and the Alcazar and their gardens a must see. The gardens are immaculate as this picture illustrates.


Number Six – Valencia Valencia is pretty much three great cities in one. 1) The gorgeous walled old town, home to everything you would expect of such a place. Incredible cathedral, imposing entrance gates, a variety of spired churches, cobbled squares, romantic tapas bars, ornate fountains, a lively fruit & veg market. Ideal for just roaming. […]


Continuing my challenge set by the lovely Gypsy Woman, my second go comes from my favourite European travel country, namely Spain. In 2011 Mrs Wilbur & I did a tour, flying into the fabulous Santiago de Compostela, before taking the overnight train to Madrid from where it was high speed AVE trains all the way […]

Second Cities – Ten to One

Concluding my top twenty European cities of the perhaps not quite so obvious must sees……….. 10 Copenhagen Go in summer and you are presented with a very attractive city with plenty to do to keep you occupied. Go in winter however with the streets and buildings blanketed in snow and you enter a wonderland, the […]