Euro 2020 The Final – England v Italy

So we are close to concluding the 2020 tournament that is being held a year late. Is football coming home or will Italy being say arrivederci with the trophy in their hand luggage?

After 50 matches (and 50 blog posts) we are finally at match 51. England & Italy are in a frenzy, Gazza will be in tears win or lose and Boris Johnson may just self-combust.


HMS Belfast & Tower Bridge, London

The match will be played at Wembley in North West London on Sunday evening. I like 20+ million people in the UK will be watching on TV as over 60k fans flock to the stadium.

I will be rooting for my home nation, unlike our Welsh & Scottish neighbours I suspect!

London is one of the world’s most iconic cities, so a fitting venue for the Euros final.


River Tiber, Rome

Talking of iconic capitals, how about the Eternal City? I went way back in 2003. Time for another visit soon.

Home to the Colosseum, Forum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Parthenon and (sort of) Vatican City etc, there are not many more iconic cities in the world. Time for the gallery treatment once more.

Score prediction – I cannot back against England. 1 nil to the Three Lions after extra time!


  1. I’ve enjoyed watching your posts and seeing your gallery. Thank you for sharing your adventure!

    1. Shame about the final result but it was a good run.

  2. Great gallery Will.

    If moron England fans boo the Italian National Anthem then I am afraid that I will cheer for Italy.

    1. Yes, totally idiotic. It seems only to be England amongst the top nations who do it. Wish we were like the rugby fans.

      1. Exactly!

      2. Idiots. These people are morons and their two brain cells rub together and tell them to boo the German National Anthem even though they don’t understand history but why the Danes? Why the Danes?

        Either way I don’t see it going to extra time tonight. 1-0 will do it for either team.

      3. All so typical. Idiots, penalties and social media morons. This is England football!

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