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Sunday Photo – Tower Bridge, London

Photos taken yesterday from inside the Tower of London.

Bridges of Europe – Part Three, UK.

“It takes both sides to build a bridge.” Bath – Pulteney Bridge I mentioned that one of the two bridges in Europe that have shops on them is the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. Well you guessed it, the second is the one in the beautiful Roman city of Bath, now renowned also for its Georgian […]

Every Cloud…….

Silversea’s luxury cruise ship Silver Cloud docked for its annual mooring alongside HMS Belfast situated between Tower & London Bridges. The scene was highly impressive, despite the less than ideal weather…….

Shaun The Sheep – The Whole London Flock

After a fair few miles and in a great challenge to my awful map reading skills, not to mention a few blisters, I am now able to bring you all 50 London Shauns in a single post. Here’s looking forward to Bristol!      

Shaun The Sheep II

London will be shorn of Shauns at the end of the month, so I have been out and about again to round a few more up before they flock off.

Messing About On The River

A glorious day to be in London yesterday. With time of no importance we took a river taxi from Greenwich to The London Eye for an alternative perspective of our wonderful capital. At £4.75 accompanied with our day Travelcard, we felt it was well worth it…..  

London Bridge Ain’t Falling Down

Whilst walking to and from work I stopped to look for a change…..