Euro 2020 Match Day 12 – England v Czech Republic

Both nations have already qualified for the last 16, so the match at Wembley will determine who finishes top of the group and therefore their next opponents.


Ironbridge, Shropshire

The Midlands region of England was home to the Industrial Revolution which saw the country lead the world in production techniques.

Prior to the revolution of the 18th & 19th Centuries, items were made exclusively by hand in cottage industries, meaning that production was slow and costly.

Driven by steam power, textile weaving machines, iron making and machine tools, output exploded and England grew rich on global exports that saw Liverpool and then Manchester (thanks to the ship canal) prosper as they were the ports where goods were exported from.

I won’t touch on the rights & wrongs of England’s imperial period, but there is no doubt that British invention and ingenuity benefited the whole world in a way perhaps unequalled before or since.

The technical revolution emanating from Silicon Valley is maybe the only thing that rivals it for global impact.

Ironbridge in Shropshire was the world’s first bridge made entirely of iron and stands tall as a monument to that golden period for industry.

About Ironbridge

Czech Republic

Prague, Charles Bridge & Vltava River
Prague, Charles Bridge & Vltava River

Prague is a stunning city from every angle and Charles Bridge (Karlův Most) must be one of the most crowded footbridges in the world.

The stunning bridge is thronged with tourists morning to night. Festooned with impressive statues and frequented by a mass of artists, buskers and souvenir stalls, it is the main pedestrian thoroughfare from Staré Město (Old Town) to Malá Strana (Lesser Town) which is where the magnificent castle area is situated.

Score prediction – England 2 Czech Republic 1

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  1. Good use of bridges. A shame that the match is meaningless.

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