Monday Morning Blues – The Ayasofya Mosque In Istanbul.

The beguiling Ayasofya Mosque in Istanbul started out as a Christian Orthodox Cathedral called Agia Sofia when Istanbul was named Constantinople.

Built in 537, it was converted to a mosque when the city fell to the Ottoman Empire in 1453.

When Ataturk founded the new secular Turkey a few years after WWI, the mosque was turned into a museum until controversially the current President Erdogan restored it to mosque status in 2020, a move that upset Eastern Orthodox Christians everywhere.

Internally it features many fine Byzantine icons and other fine architecture. There is a continuing concern that one day these could be damaged or destroyed. There cannot be many mosques with Christian artefacts inside (The Mezquita in Cordoba in Spain is another).

Ayasofya Mosque, Istanbul
Ayasofya Mosque, Istanbul

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