St George’s Day

St George is the patron Saint of England, borne out by the Red Cross of St George on a white background being the nation’s flag.

St George was born AD 275–281 of Greek parentage and followed his father’s footsteps to become a Roman soldier, rising to the high rank of tribune.

The Roman emperor Diocletian ordered all soldiers to denounce Christianity to which order George refused. 

Despite being offered plenty of rewards to do so he stood steadfast, eventually being tortured and executed by beheading on 23rd April 303.

That George was a Christian martyr there is no doubt, the dragon slaying legend however being far less certain. 

It is not only England that celebrates St George’s Day, here are a few others:-

Unsurprisingly given its name, Georgia has George as its patent Saint. 

Given his Greek background Greece also celebrates the day of St George.

Perhaps more surprisingly Catalonia also takes George as its main Saint.

Another Spanish region also worships George. Aragon with its capital in Zaragoza to be precise.

Malta is another nation that counts St George as its main patron Saint.

There are others with George having a significant day in the likes of Portugal & Germany.

Wherever you are, happy St George’s Day. 


  1. I was in Alcoy in Spain for St George’s Day 2017 for the Festival of the Christians and the Moors and St George had a leading role!

  2. In Georgia I was t old that originally the statues showed St. George killing Diocletian, not a dragon. The big statue in Tbilisi definitely shows a dragon now:

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