Sunday Photo 38

Continuing the Olympic theme, the 1896 Games were the first in the ‘modern’ era and were held in Greece to mark the fact that there was also the home of the ancient Olympics.

Specifically the Games were held at the Marble Stadium in Athens, which was the home of the vast majority of the sports that were competed for at that time.

Fast forward to 2004 and the venue was again used at the Olympics as the finishing post for the men’s & women’s marathons and also the archery events.

It was to the latter that I went and here is a picture of the competition. As you can see the event was not much of a draw for spectators! To be honest, it was the historic venue that I went for and not the archery itself.

You can make out some of the flags around the perimeter of the stadium – one for each nation represented at the Games.


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