Hotel Chesa Spuondas St Moritz

We arrived at the train station buoyed by our Bernina Express experience and were about to embark on even more fun once I had got over the 7 minute taxi fare costing £22!

Arriving at the Chesa Spuondas around ten it had pretty much gone to sleep already. We were met by a cheery porter who showed us to our spacious room on the ground floor, the type of bedroom that I imagined the Three Bears sleeping in. 


More importantly he showed us how to avail ourselves of a large bottle of beer, which we duly shared sat on the hotel veranda. 

What a great spot it was too. Although well past ten, it was still not dark and fairly warm on the mid summer’s evening. 

We were surrounded by snow capped peaks, proud evergreens and green meadows adorned with colourful flowers. In the near distance we made out a lake and a little further yonder a small settlement with typical pointed church tower. You could feel the peace and healthy air. 

All in all a lovely sanctuary to unwind , I resolved to consume my bowl of muesli there the next morning!

We slept like logs that night (no, not covered in leaves & moss!) and awoke fresh for the day’s exertions. 

Before breakfast it was time to explore the hotel, a very nice hunting lodge type, only with interesting  objets d’arte displayed on the walls rather than hideous animal trophies. 


This was a child friendly hotel with outdoor play areas for the kids and plenty of picturesque walking trails dotted about. 

Indeed the whole area was perfect for hiking, as evidenced by the rack of walking boots at the entrance door. 

The veranda was even more pleasant by day. Deemed too cold by everybody else, we had the area to ourselves as we munched on an alpine diet of yoghurt & berries, rye bread with cheese & ham and of course that signature bowl of muesli!

The peaks and lake glistened invitingly in the early sunshine and the grasses & alpine flowers swayed gently on the breeze. A herd of cows mooed in the distance followed by the soft clinking of cowbells, a flock of geese honked as they glided past (I made up the last one but you get the picture!).

 It was one of those stress-busting moments that one stores away for future recall whenever needed. 

By the time that we finished breakfasting, reception had opened so I wandered over to introduce myself and get some local information. 

First came a pleasant surprise. Our hotel room came with two free travel passes meaning we could cable car to our hearts content without spending a franc. We used the passes into submission – more of that in my next post. 

Armed with passes and with all the info we needed, we set off through the meadow to catch a local bus………..

Hotel Chesa Spuondas cost around £130 per night for a family room that slept three, on a bed and breakfast basis. 

All of the hotel staff and management were very helpful & friendly, making us feel like very welcome guests. I would thoroughly recommend the hotel should you ever plan to go to St Moritz. 


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  2. Looks like a beautiful place to stay #MondayEscapes

  3. Lovely views from the hotel. Love that chessboard. Thanks for sharing your review at #MondayEscapes

  4. Rachel G · · Reply

    What a beautiful, beautiful place to stay!

  5. Whenever I see St Moritz I think of Peter Sarstedt –

    When the snow falls you’re found in St. Moritz
    With the others of the jet-set
    And you sip your Napoleon Brandy
    But you never get your lips wet

    Taxi drivers are bandits the world over!

  6. We’ve never been to St. Moritz, but now after reading your post I really want to go spend some time chilling out. Love the Three Bears bedroom!

    1. You will have to go in winter then and eat porridge!

  7. Love St.Moritz and all the area surrounding the place…
    I’ve been there several times and your words reminded me of the beautiful fields , the mountains’peaks , the people’s politeness……
    Adore your last photo for the contrast between the black bell and the tender green…
    Beautiful post!

    1. It was indeed heavenly. Would love to go back. Wilbur.

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