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Euro 2016 Day 8

Day 8 Results: v v v

Euro 2016 Day 3

Day Three Results: v v v

On The Beaten Track – Travels In Eastern Europe Free Sampler Download Link

Now available to download from Lulu Publishing (see Lulu button on the right hand side of this blog) or Amazon as a colour e-book or black & white paperback. Over 500 pages for just over £3 (ebook download) Read the Opening chapters for free by downloading ‘Now Boarding, The Eastern European Express’, from Smashwords. See My Book Extracts […]

Memorable Overseas Train Journeys #4 – Turkey

Journey – May 2009, Ankara to Adana Depart 20.05 Scheduled Arrival 07.25, 674 KM Following the passport dramas at Ankara train station, we were finally able to relax on the Toros Express bound for Adana in Eastern Turkey as we followed our route into Syria. After dumping our gear in our sleeper compartment, we shuttled […]

Friday Photo 25

A-Z April Challenge – Eric

Surely I mean Erice on Sicily? I have indeed been to the picturesque hill town in Italy but no I absolutely mean a place called Eric, even though I have never actually set foot in the place. Let me explain……. Whilst travelling east through Turkey on the Doğu Ekspresi train en route to a place […]


I have had my fair share of bus journeys that were memorable for all the wrong reasons – a couple of blow-outs in Java and Laos, ending up in a ditch in Bali, a complete breakdown and three hour wait for a replacement in Vietnam, our bus catching fire and burning out on our way […]

Journey East?

When we think of a European break for a long weekend, statistics tell us that London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Venice & Amsterdam are the most popular with the British and also figure very highly in the favourites for a lot of Western Europeans. They are all fantastic destinations of course with mountains of things to […]

Angst in Ankara Station Part II – Extract From My Book

Regular readers of this blog will recall a book extract that I published a couple of days ago about our train journey across Turkey to Syria in 2009. On that trip my travel buddy Hamish was (thankfully only temporarily) separated from his passport for a while at Ankara Station, leading to all sorts of palpitations. In 2014 […]

Angst In Ankara Station Part I – Extract From My Book

The story starts as we were travelling to Syria from Istanbul in May 2009……. Calm Before The Storm We had a 4 hour stopover in the Turkish capital so set off to explore. First we needed coins for the lockers, but were one short. Luckily an upright English teacher called Neil came to our rescue. […]