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Boxing Day – A Peaceful Day For Foxes

We used to have a tradition in the UK for fox hunting on Boxing Day. Even the smallest rural towns such as Honiton in East Devon where I grew up used to practice the gruesome blood ‘sport’ and crowds of people would show up to see the hunt off. This was usually from a pub […]

Monday Morning Blues – Silent Pool, Surrey, UK

I visited the pretty pond that fills on old chalk quarry last week. Legend has it that a woodcutter’s daughter was surprised by a nobleman on a horse as she bathed in the pool. Having failed to lure her to the bank, he rode his horse into the water and caused the girl to move […]

Thursday Bird #3 – Parakeet, Surrey, UK

This week’s’ bird is a bit of a cheat, having been shot in my own back garden! The story goes that some parakeets escaped captivity a few years ago and have bred incessantly. We get quite a few in our vicinity and although not indigenous and quite frankly a bit of a bully, they are […]

Friday Photos – Spring At Home

Monday Morning Blues – Farthing Downs, UK

Another extremely local photo again this week as we stay confined to barracks. This one from a walk in my nearby woods featuring bluebells. Join us over on Twitter @wilburstravels for more blue themed photos that aim to disperse the Monday morning blues.

Friday Photo – Bambi in the Meadow

This a shot that my Greek friend Theo took as we were out walking my dog in Coulsdon, Surrey.

Friday Photo 26

Today’s photo is a reference to the decision by the membership of the Muirfield Golf Club to continue their ban on women being members – an extraordinary decision in 2016. I took this photo about a week ago in my local park – I wonder what these fine elderly ladies think about the vote to […]

A Little Piece Of Japan

People flock to Japan every year to see the spectacular cherry blossoms and from the pictures that I have seen they have every reason to do so. Whilst I still dream of making it to Japan one day soon, a stroll in my local park has given me a tiny taste of the bigger picture……. […]

A Walk In The Woods

A simple pleasure of life in the UK comes with a walk in the woods. Throw in a beautiful spring day and a blanket of bluebells and you have the ingredients for an enormous feeling of well-being. Finish off with a pint of Old Speckled Hen. Wonderful!           

Sunday Photo 22

Upon returning from Spain, we had another bird experience on top of all the storks we had seen in Segovia. Stood in our back garden devouring a pigeon was this sparrowhawk……….