Thursday Bird #3 – Parakeet, Surrey, UK

This week’s’ bird is a bit of a cheat, having been shot in my own back garden!

The story goes that some parakeets escaped captivity a few years ago and have bred incessantly. We get quite a few in our vicinity and although not indigenous and quite frankly a bit of a bully, they are however very striking.

Parakeet, Surrey, UK


  1. We have many of these in Surrey! They are really pretty although lots of people think they are pests. Lovely photos.

  2. The story is that the birds escaped from Shepperton film studios where they were filming the movie ‘African Queen’ with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn. We don’t get them this far north.

    1. Didn’t know that. Loads of them. Remember 1st seeing them in India and spending an age trying to get a decent shot.

      1. No need to go to India, just go to Surrey.
        When is your next trip?
        I was cruising next year but the company has gone bust. Relieved really. Can’t imagine what I was doing booking it in the first place. Old age probably.

      2. I worked with the cruise industry for 8 years. Loved it and went on plenty of ships (QE2, QM2 and a lot of P&O, Norwegian, MSC, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Silversea, Star Clippers and more) but never had an inclination to sail away. The likes of us are far to independent minded for that ordinarily). Did you see the result of a poll recently about if you could only ever visit one country again what would it be? Spain pipped Italy with USA & Greece beaten semi finalists.

      3. I didn’t see that poll. I might have said Portugal or Wales! I just asked Kim she says Ireland and Portugal.

      4. P.S. hoping for Rhodes & Picardy in September.

      5. If you go to Rhodes be sure to take a ferry to nearby Symi. Picardy is a favourite of mine.
        We have shut down and abandoning plans for Cadiz and Sicily. North Yorkshire up next.

      6. Went to Symi last time. Lovely bought lots of sponges. That monastery too. Last time was 98. N Yorks is beautiful.

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