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Monday Morning Blues – Zebras in Kenya

Sunday Video – Mr Squirrel’s Breakfast

I came down this morning and immediately noticed that two of the four fatballs that I had put out for the birds had disappeared. Cue an appearance by Mr Squirrel who had come back for a third helping. After first taunting me as I watched from my kitchen, with a swish of his tail he […]

Sunday Photo – Squirrel Feeding In The Snow

I took this photo five minutes ago from our kitchen window in Surrey, UK.

Wordless Wednesday – Fox in the Snow

Boxing Day – A Peaceful Day For Foxes

We used to have a tradition in the UK for fox hunting on Boxing Day. Even the smallest rural towns such as Honiton in East Devon where I grew up used to practice the gruesome blood ‘sport’ and crowds of people would show up to see the hunt off. This was usually from a pub […]

Bird Sanctuary, The Camargue, France

Thursday Bird #10 – Heron Family, The Camargue, France

Thursday Bird #9 – Cuban Trogon

The trogon is the national bird of Cuba on account of its plumage being the same colour as the Cuban flag. I spotted it in woods near Trinidad in 2017 and although the picture is pretty blurry, I was nethertheless pleased to capture it before it flew off.

Thursday Bird #8 – Tawny Owl, Western Cape

In 2004 we ventured to South Africa and made for the Western Cape. Whilst walking amongst the colorful fynbos we came across this fella way past it’s bedtime.

Bird at Iguaza Falls, Argentina

Thursday Bird #7 – Plush Crested Jay, Iguazu Falls, Argentina

I spotted this bird during our 2018 trip to the amazing waterfalls. It seemed to be saying, “What are you looking at?”

Fine Spotted Woodpecker, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Thursday Bird #6 – Fine Spotted Woodpecker

I noticed this bird on a patch of grass opposite the Colon Theatre in Buenos Aires. Despite the heavy traffic it seemed to be perfectly at home.