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Triesenberg Valley View, Liechtenstein

Euro 2020 Rest Day 4 – Non Qualifiers – Luxembourg & Liechtenstein

Luxembourg & Liechtenstein used to be the smallest nations to compete in the Euros that has now expanded to 55 countries. Formed in 1954, UEFA originally consisted of 29 nations. The break ups of the Soviet Union & Yugoslavia expanded the competitor list from 2 to 18 alone (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, […]

Music On My Travels – #2 The ’80s

Having not started work until 1982, my ’70s overseas travel was limited to one French exchange trip, however during the eighties I really started to flex my wanderlust. Continuing my posts on the music that transports me back to my travels I have now reached the ’80s. My Travels in the Eighties My first independent […]