My Favourite Travel Photos of 2022

After two-years of foreign travel starvation, the return to normal this year was extremely welcome to say the least.

With apologies to Mrs Wilbur, my two favourites are symbolic of friendships founded during school days many, many moons ago.

First up my frequent travel buddy Hamish & I visited Andorra in April in our first trip as a pair since late 2019 when we travelled to Georgia & Azerbaijan.

Baku View
Caspian Sea, Baku

The thrill as we met up in Toulouse was just pure magic.

The picture is after we had taken a cable car up into the Andorran Pyrenees. It just shouts freedom!

Andorra Pyrenees

My second photo comes from Norway in October with Poll. It was the 33rd anniversary of our first trip to Scandinavia on a 1989 inter rail trip.

As back then, we took a bus & boat between Fauske & Narvik. Sheer joy again, instantly transporting us back to our early 20s.

All Aboard The Arctic Ferry

What are your favourites of the year?

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  1. Great photographs , dear 🌷🌹💕🙏

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