Norway Train Upgrades

On my inter-rail trips of 1989 & 1992 I undertook many train journeys through the glorious Arctic landscapes of Norway and the rest of Scandinavia.

There was no way that my travel companions or I could afford a sleeper berth in those days. Hell, we could scarcely afford a beer in those pricey Nordic lands!

We did several overnight journeys getting as much sleep as we could whilst sat upright. The bonus of a fitful sleep was being alert at around 5am when the sun started to rise to reveal mesmerising, majestic scenery, the like of which we had never witnessed before.

I travelled there once more in 2018 – no overnight train journeys this time, but the rolling stock was infinitely more luxurious than it had been 30-years before.

Train at Fauske in Norway
Train at Fauske, Norway (2018)
Our train from Trondheim to Fauske, Norway (2018)

The rail authorities in Norway (Norske Tog) have just announced a major investment in new trains to arrow through the snowy countryside, to bring an even more comfortable experience.

The carriages & compartments look amazing. Be careful about what you miss whilst you sleep mind you!

This is how the Railway Gazette reported the plans.

You can subscribe to the informative Railway Gazette for free – click on this link to take you to the subscription page.

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