Euro 2020 Match Day 13 – Sweden v Poland

Another Baltic derby in the Euros takes place in St Petersburg.


Abisko Turiststation, Sweden

The Iron Ore Line runs from the ice-free port of Narvik in Norway to the Baltic port of Luleå in Sweden’s Baltic Coast.

The final leg to Narvik is known as the Ofoten Line which was constructed to transport iron ore from the Swedish mines to Norway.

The reason they took all this trouble, and the feat of engineering high in the Arctic Circle is staggering, is that the Baltic ports freeze in winter whereas the North Sea does not thanks to the Gulf Stream.

Laden Iron Ore Trucks, Narvik, Norway
Laden Iron Ore Trucks, Narvik, Norway


Royal Castle, Warsaw
Royal Castle, Warsaw

The old town of Warsaw was completely flattened during WWII.

Warsaw suffered greatly during the Great War, being kept under siege by the Nazis.

An uprising was brutally crushed, a period that you can learn about in the truly brilliant Warsaw Uprising Museum.

After the war, the Poles meticulously rebuilt their old town in its previous style. The results are fabulous.

Warsaw Old Town
Warsaw Old Town

Score prediction – Sweden 1 Poland 1

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