Euro 2020 Match Day 11 – Netherlands v North Macedonia

The match in Amsterdam is a bit of a dead rubber with the Dutch already through to the knockout stages and the plucky Macedonians on the way out of the competition.



The second city of Rotterdam is far less visited than Amsterdam, but is a decent place to spend a few hours.

I went on the inaugural Eurostar from London and instead of going all the way I stopped off in Rotterdam before continuing my journey.

Rotterdam is said to be Germany’s second biggest port, as much of the country’s exports travel from the major Dutch shipyards.

Rotterdam, Netherlands
Rotterdam, Netherlands

North Macedonia

Roman Aqueduct, Skopje – Filming A Pop Video

For those looking for respite from the North Macedonian capital, there is an impressive aqueduct just outside town.

Skopje’s gothic version of Adele was shooting a pop video when we were there. Lots of preening and black makeup.

Roman Aqueduct, Skopje
Roman Aqueduct, Skopje

There is also a very interesting monastery dedicated to St Panteleimon high up in the hills above Skopje. A decent view to be had too.

Score prediction – Netherlands 3 North Macedonia 0

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