Euro 2010 Match Day 10 – Italy v Wales

We come now to the final rounds of group marches. Italy have already qualified for the knockout stages and Wales are expected to join them. The match is played in Rome as all Italy’s matches have thus far.


Venice, Italy – outside the train station

Venice is unique amongst cities for its coexistence with the water that surrounds it and often floods it.

The Grand Canal that cuts through the heart is one of the world’s great waterways. A ride in a gondola under the Rialto Bridge is a must do, even if it will cost you about €100 for the privilege.

One of the many vaporettos (water taxis) that go back and forth is a far more cost-effective but far less intimate experience.

We once saw a middle-aged Japanese couple having a gondola experience complete with serenading gondolier. By the look on their stony faces they must have just had a huge row. Not the best timing if so!

Doge’s Palace,Venice
Doge’s Palace,Venice


Manorbier Castle

Pembrokeshire is home to a series of fine castles that we visited on our visits there.

Pembroke Castle was the pick of the bunch, being so well preserved and the largest. You can clamber right along the walls, pretending to be an archer!

Pembroke Castle

Carew Castle is also well worth a visit. It has a fine example of drawbridge & portcullis. You can even hire out the great hall and grounds for a wedding. “Do you damsel take this knight……etc.”

Carew Castle
Mrs Wilbur, Manorbier Castle, Wales

Score prediction – Italy 1 Wales 0


  1. Are you sure those pictures are Wales? No black clouds and rain!
    Surprisingly Cardiff is not the wettest European Capital City, it is Ljubljana.

    1. Not quite Europe by some people’s reckoning but Batumi in Georgia has more rainfall in a year than Iceland! It chucked it down when I went.

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