Euro 2020 Match Day 3 – Austria v North Macedonia

So we move to match day three having finally got underway a year late. Here I continue with my memories from the competing nations.

The second match of the day takes place in Bucharest.


Belvedere Palace, Vienna
Belvedere Palace

Mrs Wilbur and I visited Austria for my 40th birthday and have revisited on many occasions.

We started in Vienna before taking the train to Salzburg.

Vienna is full of majestic buildings, most built around the time of the powerful Habsburg Empire of which Vienna was its capital.

The empire ruled from 1282 until 1918 and included much of former Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, parts of Italy, Benelux, Hungary and of course Austria.

It came to an abrupt end after WWI, a war that started with the assassination of the heir to the Habsburg throne Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who was shot in Sarajevo.

Marie Antoinette also hails from that dynasty and the Schönbrunn Palace where she and her family resided is undoubtedly one of Vienna’s highlights.

The Belvedere Palace that houses many of Gustav Klimt’s works including ‘The Kiss’ is also a must see.

Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna
Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna

North Macedonia

Stone Bridge, Skopje
Stone Bridge in 2006

I have visited the country in 2006 and again in 2016.

In ten years the transformation of capital Skopje was radical. In 2006 it was a tired but pleasant city with a single footbridge across River Vardar.

Fast forward a decade and there are now several new bridges, each crammed with statues and garish lampposts. Definitely not to my taste!

New Bridge & Building, Skopje
New Bridge & Building, Skopje

Score prediction – Austria 2 North Macedonia 0

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