Euro 2020 Match Day 2 – Denmark v Finland

A Nordic derby takes place in Copenhagen this evening. My first visit to the countries was during inter-rail trips two and three – 1989 to Denmark and 1992 to Finland.


Storstrøm Bridge, Denmark
Storstrøm Bridge, Denmark

So my first entry into Denmark was by train, starting in Amsterdam and onto Hamburg, then into Danish territory by ferry.

Excitingly we our train was to pull onto the ferry in Puttgarten as it travelled to Copenhagen on the island of Zealand.

After much shunting the train was split into two with the engine pulling the front half into the bowels of the ferry, followed by the rear carriages being pushed by another loco.

We then crossed the Fehmarnbelt to Rødby on the island of Lolland. Once we pulled away from the German coast the crossing took around ninety-minutes.

Progress has cut the sail to around half that and by 2028 it will happen no longer as a tunnel is being constructed to speed you through in minutes. Convenient yes but nowhere near as fun.

The journey continues with the train traversing several bridges, including the Storstrøm pictured.


Helsinki Harbour

Three years passed before I visited Scandinavia again and once more it was Denmark first with us taking the train ferry again.

Entry in Finland was high up in the Arctic Circle from Sweden. We took a bus from Lulea across the border to Kemi. From there it was a train to Rovaniemi and then onto the Finnish capital on the Baltic Sea.

Baltic Ice-breakers, Helsinki
Baltic Ice-breakers, Helsinki

Match prediction – Denmark 2 Finland 1


  1. A clever project.

    1. 51 games, yikes!

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