A-Z April Challenge – S Is For Sugarloaf Mountain In Rio De Janeiro

Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

The current plight of the Brazilian people due to Covid is saddening but not surprising considering the flavellas and shanty towns that we witnessed in and around Rio.

Whilst the privileged locals live within their gated complexes and tourists flock to the beaches, gardens & mountains, many millions live in squalor and hardship, in fear of their lives from crime and disease.

That they retain a humour and joie de vivre is remarkable and humbling.

Mrs Wilbur & I were two such relatively rich tourists in November 2018, and I admit it shames me somewhat now that as an extensive traveller I have not given more back to the poor of third world countries that have hosted me with a smile and gratitude that I am visiting their far-flung homeland.

I have pledged to put that right from now on and will be seeking to visit orphanages, schools and needy causes in future visits to give something back.

For now, here is a gallery of photos of and from Sugarloaf Mountain, one of Rio’s primary touristic draws.

Rio–Niterói Bridge
Rio–Niterói Bridge


  1. I could recommend Kiva charity as a way of supporting those trying hard to support their families in countries less privileged than ours.

    1. Thank you, I will look them up.

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