Cuba Revisited – My January 2017 Tour

It is now unbelievably four years since a wonderful tour of Cuba that I did with Mrs Wilbur (she had a milestone birthday whilst there) and our good friend and my regular travel buddy Hamish.


Things seemed to be changing in 2017.

Barack Obama had forged new relations between the traditional adversaries. Cruise ships from Florida had already paid some visits, the big hotel chains were circling and it appeared only a matter of time before investment dollars and US tourists poured in.

The Trump Administration soon put a stop to that of course and unless you are a voluntary resident of Guantanamo Bay you will still not see a Starbucks or a McDonald’s in Cuba.

As you will soon become very aware, I had a fabulous trip to the largest island in the Caribbean. We spent a few days independently and then joined up with G Adventures for a two week tour of much of the country.

A quick shout out to our most wonderful guide Pedro, an English & History teacher turned tour leader, who went out of his way to look after us all and wow us with his encyclopaedic knowledge of his fascinating nation.

G Adventures Tour Guide
Pedro Informing The Group

A further shout goes to Casavana, our initial accommodation before we joined the tour in Havana.

The casa situated in the Vedado district of the capital was brilliantly located close to the iconic Malecon (waterfront) and in Jameel we had a most welcoming and informative host. You do not get top billing in Lonely Planet & Trip Advisor by chance.

Havana's Caribbean

Our welcome mojitos on the balcony overlooking the sultry Caribbean will live long in the memory.

Cuban Mojitos

Now to our trip and the point of this post.

We crammed in a whole host of great experiences in visiting Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Baracoa, Trinidad de Cuba, Camaguey, Cienfeugos, Bayamo & Santa Clara, so much adventure that it would be impossible to recount them all in an article or two. So guess what?

You are going to be treated (I hope) to a whole series of them!

These will cover the likes of:

Road transport of Cuba – from classic American cars to goat drawn carriages

Plymouth Classic American Car, Cuba

The Revolution – from the disastrous beginnings to triumph against the odds

Che Guevara Wall Art, Cuba

Fidel Castro – from being condemned to execution in 1953 to leader of his nation for almost 50 years

Fidel Castro, Cuba

Che Guevara – from asthmatic doctor to instantly recognisable icon

Che Guevara, Cuba

Birds of Cuba – from the diminutive humming bird to pelicans & vultures

Pelican, Cuba

Music & Dance of Cuba – Salsa, Jazz, Son and Buena Vista Social Club

Cuban Music & Dance

Cemeteries of Cuba – the final resting places of Fidel, Che, Jose Marti & Campay Segundo

Fidel Castro's Grave, Cuba

Trains of Cuba – naturally deserving of their own article!

Train Locomotive, Trinidad de Cuba

People of Cuba – from adorable school kids to expressions that tell a million stories

Cuban People

Colours of Cuba – vibrancy at every turn

Cuban Colours

Industries of Cuba – sugar cane, cigars, rum and cocoa

Cuban Cocoa Plantation

Accommodation of Cuba – from the humble casa to mafia palaces

Cuban Accommodation

Cuban Fortifications – defending the prized asset

Havana Fort

Cuban Architecture – Crumbling Neoclassical to Splendid Art Deco

Cuban Architecture

Wall Art of Cuba – a very public canvass

Cuban Wallart

Old Town Havana – a capital destination

Havana, Cuba

Statues of Cuba – from Generals to Artists

Cuban Statue

Cuban Sunsets – from the Atlantic to the Caribbean

The Malecon, Havana, Cuba

Cuban Flora – flower power

Cuban Flora

Pictures of Cuba – a random set of anything else

Cuban People, Havana

Watch this space………


  1. I look forward to this. Anything about the Cuban view of U.S.A.?

    1. It was strange as in 2017 it all seemed to be thawing and then someone unpleasant entered the scene!

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