Sunday Photo – The Weigh In, Valencia, Spain

When we visited the vibrant indoor market in Valencia, we of course experienced the sights & smells of all the produce on sale, the perpetual motion of buying and selling, the vendors calling out their wares to the throngs of customers.

We had not however reckoned with another major attraction – the weighing machine. A steady stream of locals weighed in, paying €0.20 for the privilege.

We were amused when a small group of grey-haired gentlemen turned up for a communal session on the scales. Perhaps there was a wager going on or maybe they were in a weight watchers club or perhaps they had to check their weight before indulging in some cheese purchases.

Whatever it was, there was a lot of animation going on with the event seemingly a regular activity. Clearly they did not know the rules of chess or backgammon and this was their favourite leisure pursuit,

No Cheese For Me Today!


  1. I remember weighing machines just like that in Woolworths.

    1. Weigh yourself first to see how much pick n mix you were allowed!

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