Sunday Photo – Social Distancing Alpacas, Peru

I took this shot in 2001 at Machu Picchu.

There was clearly a pecking order type thing going on here and looking at it now they appear to be social distancing before such a thing was ever thought of by us humans!

Social Distancing Alpacas, Peru

Social Distancing Alpacas, Peru

Talking of Peru, I will be hosting a free Zoom presentation on Monday 6th July at 8pm UK time, where there will not only be a fabulous presentation on Peru by freelance travel writer Julia Hammond, but also one on Central Asia given by two of the UK’s most knowledgeable travellers of the region.

There will also be a fun travel picture quiz.

To join, see the details below and either send an email by tonight or just click  ZOOM from 7.30 onwards on Monday. After you join you will be in a waiting room until I open the meeting just before eight. You will also have to have registered with Zoom – to do so just click REGISTER

The Monday Morning Blues Group

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