The Thursday Bird – Fine Spotted Woodpecker, Buenos Aires

If I had more time on my hands I could see myself becoming a ‘twitcher’, the unofficial name for a birdwatcher. I love our feathered friends, so thought I would dedicate Thursdays to sharing a picture of birds that I have spotted on my travels.

Sometimes birds pop up in the most unexpected of places. This was the case for my first photo which was taken on a grassy traffic island on one of the Argentinian capital’s busiest thoroughfares.

We had walked from our hotel to La Avenida 9 de Julio to visit the iconic Colon Theatre for a tour of the building. This beauty however caught my eye first.

Fine Spotted Woodpecker, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I  instantly reminded of Professor Yaffle, a wooden bookend that used to come to life in the ’70s British children’s TV programme called Bagpus.

Professor Yaffle

Another bird next Thursday.

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