Friday Photo – Taxi Driver, Lebanon

I have recently published a series of posts showing my top twenty travel photos. This one was very unfortunate not to make it.

It comes from a superb year 2000 independent tour of Lebanon. We hired this guy to take us from Beirut and through the scenic Bekaa Valley to the Roman site (and Hezbollah stronghold) of Balbaak and the ruins of the 8th Century caliphate of Anjar.

He didn’t speak any English, yet we were able to communicate very well. Hilariously our chauffeur had an itch in his ear that saw him constantly & vigorously using his finger to relieve the irritation.

Think of Flat Eric headbanging and you will get an idea of the speed in which his digit worked!

Another photo that makes me so happy in an instant.

Lebanon Taxi Driver, Bekaa Valley

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