Let It Snow – Norway in Pictures

I awoke this last day of November morning to the coldest day so far this Autumn/Winter.

My thoughts immediately turned to snow not being far away and then onto my snowy trip to Norway in January 2018. A perfect excuse to look at my photos and share a few of my favourites.

Bus View From Norway - Fauske to Narvik Bus View From Norway - Fauske to Narvik Iron Ore Train Line, Norway Reindeer Near Tromso, Norway Tromso Moon, Norway Dog Sledding, Tromso, Norway Narvik to Abisko Train Tracks Norway Bus View Narvik to Tromso, Norway View from the Narvik to Tromso Bus Arctic Cathedral, Tromso, Norway Ofotfjord, Narvik in Norway Train at Narvik Station, Norway Tromso, Norway Tromso Fjord, Norway Ofotfjord, Narvik, Norway

One comment

  1. Very cool photos. If would have visited Finland, where we have snow and:

    Reindeer rides and Santa

    Happy and safe travels!

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