A-K April Challenge – Luna Valley, La Paz

Located about ten km outside the Bolivian capital is situated the strange natural phenomenon that is Valle de la Lune or Luna Valley.

It isn’t actually a valley at all, but a maze of canyons and giant spires. The formations, composed mainly of clay and sandstone, were created by the persistent erosion of mountains by the area’s strong winds and rains.

It certainly bears a likeness to parts of the moon’s surface, no doubt appearing in certain people’s conspiracy theories about man not actually setting foot on the real moon.

Peru 5-1

I visited in 2001 as part of my three week trip to South America, which centred mainly on Peru aside for a two day excursion to the highest capital in the world.

Bolivia Football Stadium La Paz-1


  1. Luna Valley looks like an amazing place.

  2. shilpagarg85 · · Reply

    Luna Valley, I never heard of the place. An informative read.

  3. Did you see part one of the Masterchef final which was set in Peru?

    1. No I didn’t. That’s interesting, I will try to catch it. Did they cook guinea pig?

      1. It was a bit more upmarket than guinea pigs, worth watching though. Did you eat guinea pig?

      2. Had a forkful. Just like everything weird it tasted like chicken!

      3. Everything tastes like chicken…

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