Orthodox Easter Sunday Photo

Today is Easter Sunday in the Orthodox Calendar. As Mrs Wilbur is an Athenian we keep the many Greek Easter traditions alive.

The meal today will be roast lamb with the table also augmented with hard-boiled eggs dyed red.

The red dye represents the blood of Christ spilt for the greater good and of course eggs are the symbol of birth.

Traditionally the eggs are prepared on the Thursday of Easter week and are cracked open after midnight on Saturday after Christ has risen (Xristos Anesti).

Custom has it that dinner guests crack their egg against another diner’s egg with the champion egg being the last egg left unscathed after playing off against other previously unblemished eggs. Think of it as a sort of game of conkers with eggs!

Here are a couple of photos of eggs that Mrs Wilbur prepared in previous years.


Kalo Pasxa!

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