A-Z April Challenge – Zagreb

The Croatian capital is the only place of common knowledge that I have been to that begins with Z so it was a logical choice for the last post of my challenge.

I did think about choosing the wonderfully named Zeal Monachorum in Devon, but apart from my elder brother having his wedding reception there I couldn’t think of anything noteworthy to say, as nice as ZM is.

The trouble is that not a lot of note happened in Zagreb either. Hamish and  I travelled there in 2012 as the first port of call for our regular Eastern European trip that also took in Split, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Sofia and Veliko Tărnovo on this occasion.


Zagreb Train Station

The city was very pleasant with nice pedestrianised streets filled with cafes, some lovely grand buildings and a great tram network.

Interesting and relaxing without providing any wow moments. In fact, as we waited for the time for our overnight train to the coast we even went to the cinema to kill time.


We had a choice of Madagascar 17 or Resident Evil 43 in 3D. We chose the latter and Hamish dozed off as I tried to fathom the plot having not seen any of the prequels (four in reality and not forty-two as exaggerated).

We were happy to clamber aboard our train to the Adriatic and were thankfully wowed several times on the rest of our holiday……..



One day I will get to Zanzibar and I am sure I will have a better tale to tell for a future challenge.

What do you think of the challenge? Are you up for doing it next year? Can you think of an alternative challenge for the winter? Let me know in your comments.

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  1. Z for Zagreb – the best Z <3 <3 <3

  2. Really like these shots!

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