St Etheldreda’s Church

Sometimes you stumble across a gem when you least expect it. This just happened to me between meetings in Farringdon as I walked through Ely Place.

The tiny church was formerly the town chapel of the Bishop of Ely between 1250 & 1570.

Some of the most colourful stained glass windows that I have ever come across, even more vivid in such close knit surroundings.

Unfortunately my tablet camera does not really do them justice, but I thought I would share them all the same.



Well worth a visit if you are ever in the City of London. A complete haven away from the hustle and bustle of the finance, judiciary and gold merchant sectors on its doorstep.


  1. I love finding unexpected gems. I used to go to college in Farringdon and never saw the church will definitely have to search it out next time I’m in the area

  2. Such beauty. Do the crests in the design mean that the windows were donated by a certain family? Just a curiosity question!

    1. They are actually the crests of the Bishops of Ely who used the chapel as their London religious centre.

  3. It is wonderful when you stumble across something unexpectedly!

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