Friday Photo – 13

This photo was taken from my trip this week to Riga, my first ever visit to Latvia.

I took it from atop the tower of St Peter’s Church. The buildings in the foreground house Riga’s main  market.

Fascinatingly they started life as zeppelin hangars.

Does anybody know of any more unusual building conversions from around the world?




  1. What did you think to Riga? I know some people hate it and others like it.


    1. I really enjoyed it apart from the pretentious sky bar at the top of the Radisson Blu. I went to look at the view at night and couldn’t drink my beer quick enough!


      1. I normally love rooftop bars with views!

        I’ve been trying to answer your question, but I can’t think of any good examples of converted buildings. The best I can come up with is the trebucchi of Italy’s Gargano peninsular (wooden fishing machines that look like a cross between a pier and a garden shed) which have been turned into restaurants.


  2. Fascinating atmosphere!


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