Sunday Photo – 11

Sometimes the best photo opportunities flash by too quickly whilst you are travelling by bus and train. You often see them too late or end up with a blurry effort.

This photo was taken just outside Cadiz as we returned from a bus trip to Arcos de la Frontera, one of the famous pueblos blancos (white towns) in the region in 2009. Although the quality is nowhere near perfect, I still love the scene it portrays.

I call it the social club.



  1. It is a good picture, well spotted!

    1. I once saw a parade of hundreds of ducks in Bali. They were in a field as we went past in a coach and they waddled in formation, looking just like the duck shoot you see a fairgrounds. Sadly neither me nor my travel companion could get the shot from the bus and this is now known as the one that got away!

      1. I know that moment, the struggle to get the camera out of the case then turn it on, then get the picture in focus and then it is gone!

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