The Four Seasons – A Pictorial Challenge

I do not mean Vivaldi’s fabulous masterpiece, but am referring to Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter from a climate point of view.

Living in the UK I am lucky enough to experience four distinct seasons and even though our Summers can be less than glorious, I genuinely love each time of year.

If pushed, I would have to say that Spring is my favourite – aptly named as it definitely puts a spring into my step.

To celebrate the advent of this most wonderful time period in the Northern Hemisphere, I thought it would be a nice idea for bloggers to depict each of the seasons photographically. I have a panel of three judges lined up to choose their favourite three depictions and each one of the three chosen will receive a copy of my forthcoming book when it is published in the Summer.

The Challenge Rules:

Four pictures only, one for each season

Each participant to nominate three other bloggers to have a go at the challenge and to send them the challenge rules

All those entering to let me know they have posted a four season blog by commenting as such on the Wilbur’s Travels blog site, entering the link to their post on the Wilbur’s Travels FB page or by tweeting a link to their post on Wilbur’s Travels Twitter feed, both accessible via the blog site.

The chosen ‘Category’ on the posts entered should include The Four Seasons – A Pictorial Challenge

Closing Date Sunday 12th April

To get things started, I have posted four photographs featuring at least a part of the ancient plum tree in my back garden to illustrate the challenge. I know that this entry will not trouble the judges so to speak!









Happy blogging and enjoy the season, wherever you are.



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    Not very Spring like today in the South-East of England (more like four seasons in one!), but don’t that deter you from posting your four seasons photos.

  2. Have a wonderful time and hope you see some whales!

  3. Hi, just wanted to let you know that (remember you showed us Iceland and I wanted to go there) I booked the tickets and an apartment for August with my family. Thanks so much for your help and now I can’t wait to get there! I went through booking .com and got a lovely deal!

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