Children of Syria

I travelled to Syria in 2009 and came across absolutely lovely people.

Amongst them were several gorgeous children. My heart bleeds now to think what may have become of them.

If you do have a spare £3, I would urge you to donate via the UNICEF website as kids like these will be facing yet another cruel winter in the open.


On a train from Aleppo to Latakia – this young lady travelled with her gran, did her homework and lunched on a cucumber! Her face is full of devilment!


At the entrance to Aleppo Citadel


Strolling with Mum in Aleppo


Outside Krak des Chevaliers Castle


Three Chums at Aleppo Citadel


Twins on the Road to Homs


On the Way to School, Aleppo


We Are Family, Close to Saladin’s Castle


Toddlers With Doting Dads, Umayyad Mosque, Damascus


Escaping Dad’s Clutches!


Baby Camels Need Protection Too! Taken at Palmyra

Please give generously if you can.








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    Today marks six long years since the Syrian conflict started. That’s six years of incredible suffering for millions of peace-loving innocent people just like you or me.

    If you are able to spare a thought and even better a few pounds, dollars or euros to a Syrian aid charity your generosity will definitely help make a positive difference.

    Thanks. Wilbur.

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