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Sunday Photo – Great Mosque, Aleppo

Syria Before The Conflict Part Two, Castles & Monasteries

Aleppo had proved to be a superb host city, but this did not stop us from going on a couple of full on day trips by private taxi. First up was St Simeon’s Monastery, some 30km north. St Simeon is the guy who legend has it was driven up the pole! Simeon the Stylite lived […]

Syria Before The Conflict – Part One, Aleppo

After our long journey by land from Istanbul (see previous posts) our taxi dropped us off at the iconic Hotel Baron. The famous colonial style classic had been frequented by the likes of Agatha Christie, Charlie Chaplin and Winston Churchill in the past and with its marble staircase & floors and wood panels the hotel […]

Storks, Alsace Region, France

Mother’s Day

It is Mother’s Day in the UK today, so here are some pictures from my travels in honour of mothers everywhere. And not forgetting granny…….

Aleppo People

The events in Aleppo are more than tragic. The innocent civilians are just like you and me.

My Top 15 Travel Pleasures – 12 to 10

12. Visiting Gothic Cathedrals I always visit the cathedral in every city that I visit and for years did so by default rather than by design. After all, it is very often the most impressive construction, a city’s show of wealth and ostentation. My favourite style of cathedral is definitely Gothic – flying buttresses, vaulted […]

Hotel Baron, Aleppo, Syria

Sunday Photo – 9

This photo was taken in May 2009 and follows the theme of Friday’s post about Aleppo in Syria. The chap I am with was the General Manager of the historic Hotel Baron in the city. He clearly loved his hotel and will of course be devastated by recent events. Inshallah he is OK…….  

Ancient Aleppo

Aleppo has the status of my favourite city ever visited and as the metropolis that vies with Damascus as the world’s oldest continually occupied settlement of significant size, I have convinced myself that it will rise again from the devastation caused by the civil war that has raged since 2011. With the attention of the […]

Hotel Baron, Aleppo, Syria

Hotel Baron, Aleppo

Aleppo is possibly my favourite city visited thus far and my stay in the Hotel Baron counts as one of my favourites too. Sad to read today in the Telegraph that the grand old lady is now a barracks and arms store for Assad’s army. I just pray that one day normality returns to the […]

Children of Syria

I travelled to Syria in 2009 and came across absolutely lovely people. Amongst them were several gorgeous children. My heart bleeds now to think what may have become of them. If you do have a spare £3, I would urge you to donate via the UNICEF website as kids like these will be facing yet another cruel winter in […]