Tuesday Train Journey – Aleppo to Latakia, in Syria

This year every Tuesday I will be recounting an overseas train journey. It could be a short hop or a long-distance overnighter. Every journey is special to me – the greatest way to travel by far.

In 2009 I was extremely fortunate to visit Syria where first stop was Aleppo, which remains my favourite city ever visited.

Whilst there we took a train to the military port city of Latakia, a city that took on strategic importance during the conflict. Our journey took us right through Idlib Province, well known nowadays unfortunately for fierce fighting.

Train at Aleppo Station, Syria
Our Train at Aleppo Station

This was a journey for the sake of it. Latakia had no real interest to us but a train journey in Syria definitely did. The train had seen better days and was badly in need of a wash & scrub up. However the interior was clean and comfortable (excepting the toilets that is!).

Syrian Train Facilities​
Syrian Train Facilities

I don’t remember a great deal of the scenery but I do remember being beguiled by a delightful little girl who sat near us with her grandmother.

She spent the whole journey doing her schoolwork, aside from the time that she lunched on a small cucumber and pulled faces at me when she clocked me looking. I often wonder what happened to that cheeky young lady.

Syrian Girl, Aleppo to Latakia Train
Little Miss Syria

The non-stop train took 2½ hours and we just had time to whisk around the city and port area before heading back to the majesty of Aleppo.

Train in Latakia Station, Syria
Train in Latakia Station, Syria

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  1. That train carriage looks like a nursing home.

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