About Me & Wilbur’s Travels

“I dislike feeling at home when I am abroad.”

So said George Bernard Shaw and I concur exactly.

Why Wilbur’s Travels?

I was re-christened Wilbur at the age of 13 by schoolmates and it has stuck to become my travel related non du plume, not least because this is what my regular travel buddy Hamish (another schoolboy nickname that refused to go away) knows me as.


Wilbur Arrival By Train, Yerevan, Armenia From Batumi, Georgia

Wilbur’s Arrival By Overnight Train, Yerevan, Armenia From Batumi, Georgia

Seventy countries visited thus far (I don’t count Monaco & Vatican City), but there is so much more to do on my bucket list, that I feel I have barely scratched the surface.

Passionate about rail as a means of exploration, top of my list is to do the 17,000 KM train journey from Portugal to Ho Chi Minh City. Clearly this will need to wait until I have more time on my hands, but it will happen one day.

I love to travel, enjoy the thrill of exposing myself to unusual situations and am fascinated by cultures that differ from my own.

This blog will be a retro look at past trips, real time reports from current ones and dreams about future ones.

Happy wandering.



  1. Thanks for following my blog, Wilbur…I’ve hopped over to your blog to see what it’s all about!

  2. Thank you for nominating me gypsy woman. I accepted your challenge, see the 1st results here:


  3. G’day Wilbur, I have nominated you to join in the 5 day b&w challenge. Hope you enjoy it. Check it out here https://pommepal.wordpress.com/2015/02/25/black-and-white-5-day-challenge-3/

  4. G’day Wilbur I also love train travel and in 1989 I travelled on the Trans Mongolian for 6 memorable weeks, I have so many great memories of that trip. As you know it was the year the Berlin Wall came down and the year of the Tiananmen Square massacre a momentous time in history. I will look forward to looking through your posts.

    1. Sounds wonderful. In ’89 I did my second inter rail holiday to Scandinavia. Expensive but brilliant, I lived on biscuits for three weeks! I would simply love to do the trans Mongolian as part of a 17000KM trip from Porto to Ho Chi Minh City. One day!

      1. You are doing so much it is such a big world.

  5. Sixty countries is no mean feat! Here’s wishing you add many more to that number this year!. Love that header shot too 🙂

    1. Thanks – two more newbies this year i think having clocked up Iceland in January. Funny though how France seems to draw me in every year as just booked Normandy in June.

  6. Like James that header photo intrigues me. How on earth did they get those spices so perfect? 60 countries? I have wanderlust envy for sure. 🙂

    1. Sue, It intrigued me also, especially when they told me that they ‘re-build’ 3-4 times a week!

      Nearly sixty countries maybe, but it still feels as though I have barely started!

  7. Fantastic masthead photo Wilbur! I’m sure it must have been taken in a souk somewhere, but where was it? ~James

    1. It was in Marrakech in 2006. It wasn’t in the souk but not far from it. The partially obscured lady in the blue top was Mrs Wilbur buying saffron!

      Morocco is just about the closest place you can travel from UK to be in another world!


  8. Hello Wilbur! I’ve decided to read and follow 15 interesting and new blogs a day every day for the first month of 2015, and yours is today’s #8! Feel free to come visit me when you can at http://www.thatssojacob.wordpress.com, and follow if you like what you read. Happy new year and happy blogging!

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