Monday Morning Blues – Mdina in Malta

As we shiver in the snow I am reminded that exactly a week ago I was in Malta basking in winter temperatures of 23 degrees!

The walled city of Mdina was one of the many highlights. The former capital has stood for centuries high up in a great defensive position.

View from Mdina, Malta
View from Mdina

The city was founded as Maleth in around the 8th century BC by Phoenician settlers, and was later renamed Melite by the Romans.

Ancient Melite was larger than present-day Mdina, and it was reduced to its present size during the Arab occupation of Malta.

During the latter period, the city adopted its present name in the 11th Century.

The Walls of Mdina​, Malta
The Walls of Mdina
Mdina Cathedral
Mdina Cathedral

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  1. One of my favourite places for sure.

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