Monday Morning Blues – The af Chapman Youth Hostel in Stockholm

I recently paid a visit to the Swedish capital, known as the Venice of the North. Consisting of a series of islands, it is home to a unique youth hostel, a full rigged steel ship named the af Chapman.

Built by the Whitehaven Shipbuilding Company in the UK and launched in 1888, she undertook voyages to Europe, Australia and North America under her original name of Dunboyne.

The ship was acquired by Swedish navy in 1923 before being bought by the Stockholm City Museum in 1947 to save her from being scrapped and turned into a youth hostel.

It was here that I stayed on my first visit in 1992 and I was delighted to see her still moored off the islet of Skeppsholmen and still receiving young guests.


  1. How many places are called “Venice of the North” I wonder?

    1. Bruges & Amsterdam I think, maybe St P. Anywhere else?

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