Friday Photo – The Taj Mahal, Agra in India

Visiting the Taj in 1998 was one of those wow moments in life. Like many I had seen pictures as a kid and it seemed almost impossible to reach back then. India seemed as far away as the moon.

It definitely lived up to expectations as we visited at sunrise and came back again later for sunset. Annoyingly my camera was very basic back then so decent shots were scarce.

To be honest, the site was more about silent contemplation and lengthy gazing than a photo frenzy anyway. Memories that will live forever.

The Taj Mahal​
The Taj Mahal


  1. Funny! I’m from Agra, India. And, I didn’t exist when you visited it in 1998.

  2. Is a great photo still and the memories sound wonderful.

  3. NattyTravels · · Reply

    So beautiful 😍

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