Sunday Photo – The Dom Luís I Bridge, Porto in Portugal

With Portugal one of the few ‘green’ countries on the UK’s travel list, it is of course a hugely desired location at the moment.

For me, Porto just edges Lisbon as my favourite city there. Now where did I store my passport…..

The Dom Luís I Bridge, Porto


  1. Porto or Lisbon. Ermmm…

    1. Very close. Might change to Lisbon next week!

      1. Have you been to Coimbra? Another fine city.

      2. No I haven’t. If there are no other green countries I may need to do a tour though! I have been to Guimaraes which liked too.

      3. In 2017 we did a train holiday from Lisbon to Porto taking in towns and cities along the way. It was a good way to do it.

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