A-Z April Challenge – Z Is For Zermatt In Switzerland

So after 25 posts in 29 days I come to the end of my fourth A-Z April Challenge.

Guess what? I need a rest from writing, so here is a picture of the Matterhorn, the majestic mountain that looms large over the Swiss ski resort, a bird of prey and a precipitous bridge just outside town.

The Matterhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland
The Matterhorn
Bird of Prey, Zermatt, Switzerland
Bird of Prey, Zermatt, Switzerland
Bridge near Zermatt, Switzerland
Bridge Near Zermatt


  1. Congratulations on completing another challenge. This is the third one i completed. The photo near Zermatt reminds me a lot of the area near Queenstown in NZ

  2. A perfect picture to end on, after a very impressive month of travel tales. Thanks for sharing Wilbur

    1. The month flew by! Well done on getting to Z too.

      1. Thanks Wilbur

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