A-Z April Challenge – W Is For Wallace & Gromit Trail In Bristol, UK

In the UK we have some very popular animated TV programmes and films produced by Nick Park. The characters are made out of plasticine and even a 30-minute programme takes months and months of painstaking production work.

The main characters are a cheese-loving chap called Wallace and his trusty dog Gromit. Both main and dog are also inventors of all sorts of crazy time-saving ideas that usually end in chaos due to malfunction. See their main website for details.

On three occasions now the creators have put on a trail first of all featuring Gromit only in both Bristol (where the productions are made by Aardman Animations) and London, then a character called Shaun the Sheep in London & Bristol, and finally both Wallace & Gromit, plus Feathers McGraw another character, this time in Bristol only.

Ever the big kid, I was happy to take up the trail challenge every time, with the photos below from the latest event.

As a bonus, here are some pictures of Shaun the Sheep & Feathers McGraw.


  1. How much fun is this?!

  2. That is fantastic! Wallace and Grommit are so fun!

  3. Fantastic pictures, wish we could have found some of them on that trail – the kids would have loved it!

    1. Next time!

  4. kenju99 · · Reply

    I love Wallace and Grommit!!

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