A-Z April Challenge – B For Borobudur In Indonesia

This was a place I visited way back in 1997. The huge Buddhist site is situated on Indonesia’s largest island of Java.

A major magnet for Buddhist pilgrims, it was mainly school groups in situ on the weekday that we visited.

Hilariously giggling teens were surreptitiously taking photographs of us as if we famous music stars as opposed to just two Western travellers. In the days before smart phones, furtive photographing was difficult to achieve!

Bizarrely this was to escalate to us providing autographs and posing for shots with said giggling teens. Very happy days.

Borobudur, Indonesia
Borobudur, Indonesia


  1. I would love to visit this place – so beautiful. I remember the days of trying to sneak a photo of someone without them realising what you’re doing – so much easier now which sort of takes the fun out of it.

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